Newest Home Decoration Trends For 2015

Home Decoration

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) just selected the most structurally-pleasing homes in the U.S. for the 2015 Housing Awards. This AIA recognizes everything from affordable apartment buildings to university housing, but check out their top picks for family homes. Continue Reading →

Contemporary Garden Bench

Sometimes a simple bench is exactly the right thing for a certain space. This bench has Red and Yellow Cedar laminate bend which will add a contemporary feel to your outdoor area. Whether it be underneath a tree or tucked away in some alcove of shrubbery, this bench is meant to be enjoyed.


Using Technology to Give That Room a New Look and Feel

new look

Everyone has “that room”. You know the one. It is the room that has a lot of potential that it never quite lives up to. All too often, it is the living room or family room. Sometimes, it is an office. At other times, it’s the room without an official designation. When you bought the house, you were pretty sure you were going to turn it into something. Those plans never came to fruition. Continue Reading →

Have A Bath … History of Aquatic Therapy



The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that social bathing was a critical component of overall health and vigor as well as stimulated the mind. Both Greek and Roman bath included gymnasiums, hot water baths, cold water plunges and relaxation areas in addition to to multipurpose meeting and ceremonial halls, shaded parks, promenades, small theaters and occasionally sports stadiums. All human have always enjoyed bathing as a means of relaxation, social interaction and healing. Putting aside the basic idea that bathing is merely a mechanism for getting clean a tub experience can heal the the mind , body and soul. Water is nature ‘s natural healer bringing calm to the stress if you sit in a beautifully designed  bathtub or you take a quick refreshing shower. We need it all…




Hope Flushmount By Francisco Gomez Paz, Paolo Rizzatto


Hope represents the magic of traditional lamps, but reinterpreted with sophisticated technologies and modern materials. Design by Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto, 2009 By Luceplan. Continue Reading →