Wall Decorating Ideas for Living Room

livingroom wall decors3 Wall Decorating Ideas for Living Room

The wall decorating ideas for living room trends change fairly rapidly and these ideas goes out to all of you . Continue Reading →

Make your summer count with a luxury garden

Sofa 540x540 Make your summer count with a luxury garden

As the summer sun creeps up for another day, you’ve got to ask yourself one question – is your garden adequately prepared for the sweltering weather?

Is it covered with browning grass, a broken swing, rotting flowers and the faint scent of misery? Then you’ll despise it when it comes to lounging in the sun.

What you want is a garden to fit your tropical aspirations, giving you the welcoming glow of a holiday resort and the relaxing feel of a poolside bar. While that might not seem possible in dear old Blighty, the lap of luxury is exactly what you’ll get if you follow these tips. Continue Reading →

Style over Squalor for Today’s Students

s 540x359 Style over Squalor for Todays Students

Mention the term ‘student accommodation’ and what’s the first thing that comes to mind for most people? The chances are it isn’t a luxury apartment with exquisite furnishings and fittings. Nor is it a trendy townhouse, boasting impeccable décor.  In truth, the stereotypical image that most people have of student lodgings is one of squalor and dilapidation as opposed to contemporary style and functionality. But the face of student living is rapidly changing. The result? A whole new generation of design-led student lodgings, set to turn the heads of even the most discerning of interior design gurus. Continue Reading →

Artistic Bedroom Interior Trends

Bedroom3 540x344 Artistic Bedroom Interior Trends

The focus of any bedroom is the bed, and spending around eight hours each you want to make sure that you get it right and your night of sleep is as harmonious as possible.

If you stick to a simple, neutral bed frame such as an oak frame you can then dress your bed up with the latest trends without having to make any drastic outlays buying a new bed every time you wish to change the overall look of your bedroom. Continue Reading →

Origami Installation By Mademoiselle Maurice

mauricea 540x304 Origami Installation By Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice is a 28 years old french artist who grew up in the mountains of Haute-Savoie (France). She studied architecture in Lyon and worked in Geneva and Marseille, she lived one year in Japan.

With different mediums such as origami, lace, photography, or painting and embroidery, she creates naive work at first sight, but deep and sensitive, in a constantly connection with the events encountered during her daily life. Continue Reading →