Wood in the Bedroom

Wood in the Bedroom

When it comes to home furnishing, many people overlook the bedroom in favour of the rooms which are seen by guests or shared by the family. Parents in particular are more likely to decorate their kids bedroom before they even think about turning their attentions to the master bedroom!

If this sounds familiar, then it is time to be a little bit selfish and turn that master bedroom into a bedroom fit for purpose, a relaxing nicely designed space that looks modern and inviting. Lets take a look at how incorporating wood in the bedroom design can create a beautiful look that will stand the test of time.

Wood creates a natural and relaxing environment in the bedroom, it also gives a cosy country feel which is both warm and welcoming making this a room that anybody will enjoy sleeping in. Solid wooden furniture will also last a lifetime, even though it may be initially expensive to buy, the longevity makes it a great choice for any family hoping to have something to hand down to future generations.

Wooden furniture can be mixed with different wood types without it looking mismatched. A light wooden floor can be teamed up with a darker mahogany dresser, or a rich warm cherry material. Using soft furnishings to break up the different wood colours and utilising colours to tie them together are both ways in which to make different wood types work in the same room.

Pine beds naturally work well in a wood themed bedroom. These can be dressed to look either contemporary or more old-fashioned depending on your taste. Pine is also more affordable than say a solid mahogany bed frame, which is very heavy and can be deemed a little too rich for a modern bedroom.

As well as wooden floors and furniture, many people opt for a wood panel feature wall in the bedroom to really up the ante for a country feel bedroom. Wood panels are available to buy in a variety of wood types, grains and finishes, they also work wonderfully in conjunction with a wooden floor to give a true log cabin effect.

Wood is a beautiful material and there is nothing more relaxing than feeling as though you are sleeping in a country retreat. If you want furniture made to last and a room that is timeless in appearance, incorporate wood into your bedroom for a beautiful natural finish.

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