What does make a good night’s sleep?

Did you know that insomnia affects about 30% of British people? This is quite a high percentage and most people don’t really know what why they have such trouble sleeping. The recipe for a good and restful night’s sleep involves a variety of different elements, including bedroom furniture and bedroom elements such as the room temperature and darkness level.

Bedroom furniture has an important role to play of course. It should be needless to say that that having comfortable pillows, breathable bed sheets, a supportive bed and a quality mattress play an important part, but it also depends on what furniture you choose. Some people will chose bedroom products that will help them sleep well but others will give more importance to products that will make their bedroom more lively and great looking for visitors.

It is possible to mix both but it is wiser to keep in mind that beds, mattresses and pillows should serve the main purpose of improving your sleep experience. According to a survey conducted by a furniture specialist, 56% of Britons admits that a top quality mattress is a key element for getting a good night’s sleep. So check if your mattress and bedding are giving the right amount of support by taking your body weight and shape easily.

Among the 20 million British adults that suffer from sleep problems a large part of the problem comes from the bedroom environment. All the elements of the bedroom should create the perfect sleeping environment. A dark and quiet room is are key elements to falling asleep quickly but you should lower your lights and neutralise noise at least 1 hour before bedtime in order to prepare your body to fall asleep. According to a survey the 5 most important elements for creating a good night’s sleep are a quiet, dark room, cool temperature, fresh air and clean bedroom.

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