Using Technology to Give That Room a New Look and Feel

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Everyone has “that room”. You know the one. It is the room that has a lot of potential that it never quite lives up to. All too often, it is the living room or family room. Sometimes, it is an office. At other times, it’s the room without an official designation. When you bought the house, you were pretty sure you were going to turn it into something. Those plans never came to fruition.

You’ve probably already thrown a lot of money and energy at the problem. You tried plants, curtains, even new furniture. Perhaps it is time to give technology a try. Here are a few suggestions:

Wall-Mount Your Entertainment System

If you happen to have a TV in that untamable space, that may be the problem that needs to be fixed. It is not so much that you have a TV in the room. It may be the way you have the TV in the room. It is very likely on a stand or dedicated piece of furniture especially made to hold a TV, and other entertainment equipment. That type of thing tends to dominate a room, and not in a good way.

Just because you got the jumbo entertainment package from with over 200 HD channels, does not mean that you have to have a jumbo television, on a piece of jumbo furniture, dominating a not-so-jumbo room.

If the TV is already a thin flatscreen, try having it mounted to the wall. While you’re at it, mount the speakers as well. Use a floating shelf for the receiver and such. Get it all off the floor. Instead of a piece of unwieldy furniture, it is now a work of art. Room transformed.

Install Mood Lights

When you think of mood lights, you might conjure up images of lava lamps from the 70s. But technology provides much more advanced, and way cooler options. Right now, Phillips might be the leader in this space. They make a product called Hue. It has the trendy distinction of being sold directly in Apple Stores, right alongside iPads and Apple Watches.

The kit includes a hub and three LED lightbulbs. The whole thing is controlled via wifi. You can not only control the intensity of the light, but the color. If this is the same room with the newly wall-mounted TV, you can have the lights set a color palette appropriate for the show you are watching. With these lights, you can turn your room into Tatooine.

Ad Some Background Music

You already have the flatscreen mounted, and the lights turned down low. Now, all you’re missing is a bit of background music for the perfect mood. But what to do with the speakers? The big ones you use for enhancing explosions in high-def may not be the most appropriate for what you need.

What if you could get the sound from the recessed light fixtures, gently wafting Kenny G from the ceiling. Now, you can. One such product is called AUDIOBULB. It is a wireless speaker that also happens to be an iPhone controllable lightbulb. A few of those in light fixtures around the house will most definitely transform a room.

As you can see, there are a number of options for giving “that room” a new look and feel. If you haven’t tried it already, it might be time to give technology a chance.


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