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Wood in the Bedroom

wood bedroom furniture 540x360 Wood in the Bedroom

When it comes to home furnishing, many people overlook the bedroom in favour of the rooms which are seen by guests or shared by the family. Parents in particular are more likely to decorate their kids bedroom before they even think about turning their attentions to the master bedroom!

If this sounds familiar, then it is time to be a little bit selfish and turn that master bedroom into a bedroom fit for purpose, a relaxing nicely designed space that looks modern and inviting. Lets take a look at how incorporating wood in the bedroom design can create a beautiful look that will stand the test of time. Continue Reading →

“Herzschuss” – Fresh Interpretation Of Local Tradition

herzschuss02 540x359 Herzschuss   Fresh Interpretation Of Local Tradition

herzschuss06 540x404 Herzschuss   Fresh Interpretation Of Local Tradition

“Herzschuss” means shot to the heart and is the latest collection of German artist and designer Rolf Sachs. He draws its influence from the Swiss region of Engadine. The pieces Sachs has developed reflects the culture, customs and diverse materials which are typical of this area. Embracing the craftsmanship in particular woodworking traditions of Engadine, Sachs offered his reinterpretations of everyday objects in poetic and new ways presented at the Villa Flor and von Bartha Chesa Galleries in Schanf, Switzerland in coincidence with the St. Moritz Art Masters annual art fair.

The Royal Family

ellenHeilmann 434 projroyals1 The Royal FamilyellenHeilmann 434 projroyals21 The Royal Family

The German designer Ellen Heilmann build a modular system called “The Royal Family”. The Royal Family are interchangeable elements and can be paired up or used as a single piece of furniture.  Jointed‚ The Royal Family builds an uniform stool-group, in which everyone is on the one hand visually similar and on the other hand each is individual, like family members usually are.




Private Rocker

4 private rocker 4 540x435 Private Rocker

4 private rocker 6 540x359 Private Rocker

If you like to escape and enjoy privacy you have a wonderful escape with the Private Rocker, the stylish chair designed by  Kyle Fleet in collaboration with Herman Miller. The rocking chair is made of warm materials, wood, leather and wool fabric.  The Private Rocker will give you visual and acoustic privacy for a variety of restful postures. An ottoman supports easy reclining.

4 private rocker 1 540x359 Private Rocker

Bauwerk Parquet Helps You To Find Your Own Style

332761aa3d1 Bauwerk Parquet Helps You To Find Your Own Style

ultra modern parquet collection in many styles 2 554x3831 540x373 Bauwerk Parquet Helps You To Find Your Own Style

ultra modern parquet collection in many styles 11 360x540 Bauwerk Parquet Helps You To Find Your Own Style


Bauwerk Parquet and Zurich designer Virginia Maissen show us how a new generation of parquet should look. They created a new collection of wood flooring with a feel of authentic wood and an innovative new look. It’s a rainbow of vibrant colors and trendy patterns, from vintage to modern look. Old News collection is splashed with a newsprint pattern, it would look great in a living room, studio or home library and would give the space a modernist touch. Punchy red, blue, white, yellow and green pieced together, or natural wood with a rustic touch – choose your own style.





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