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Vase Out Of Sand

Taking inspiration from the game Bou-Toshi, Yukihiro Kaneuchi created a series of vases made of sand and resin.
The objective of Bou-Toshi is to keep a pole up that’s been placed in a heap of sand. Each player takes turns removing sand until the pole falls. If you cause the pole to fall, you lose. The vases resemble the heap of sand and the flower(s) placed in a glass tube would be the pole.

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‘Hirschblüte’ Deer Vase by Akari Luig

Akari Luig of akamoyo design developed ‘Hirschblüte’ based on the akamoyo logo while he lived and worked in Tokyo in 2008.

‘I wanted it to be made from porcelain due the material’s unique beauty. The first step was to find a person, who was able to show me how i can make a model. It took me six month from the first sketches to the finished model. Then I met Charles&Marie on 100% Design in Tokyo.’

Price: € 65.00 (via Charles&Marie)

‘Flower’ – Glass Faucet & Vase Combination

“The ‘Flower‘ glass bathroom faucet design is bound to attract admiring comments from your guests! Simply lean forward to smell the fresh-cut flowers as you wash your hands – what could be better?” Continue Reading →

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‘Tourbillon’ Whirlwind Vase by A+A cooren

French design studio A+A cooren has created ‘Tourbillon’ (vortex) vase, which evokes the water cycle, a snapshot of subtle natural harmony. The dynamic of the water is accentuated by the rigidity of a glass bubble that surrounds it. The vase’s central form appears like a vortex funneling down into the bottom of the vessel. Continue Reading →

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