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Stool Made From Textile Waste

This new eco- friendly new material uses natural and plastic waste and is held together with a biodegradable starch-based  adhesive. According to the designer Bernardita Marambio B. Pecas, “the high percentage cotton mix is blended together with a biodegradable adhesive where it maintains high structural strength after being sealed with greenwash.” Continue Reading →

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Colorful Stools

Vietnamese craft with scandinavian design. Swedish designer Malin Koort created the stool called  ‘Superheroes’ with Mattias Rask and Tor Palm and with the support of Vietnamese company ‘Uma’.

The stools have an internal metal frame in which rolls of dried seagrass are wrapped to create the structural form of the stools. They developed a pattern that uses the colorful threads that usually decorate vietnamese hammocks, that are then wrapped around the seagrass, creating bold, vibrant designs for the small furniture.




With its intuitive and equally self-evident shape “Hocker” represents fundamental aspects of the conceptual style of work of Herzog & de Meuron. It forms part of a series of additional objects and installations that accompany the architectural design work of the Basle architects as independent projects.

Herzog & de Meuron

‘Chair Garden’ by Nendo

Japan-based company Nendo unveiled a new private collection called ‘Chair Garden’. Stools growing in pots is the creation of the architect Oki Sato, blowing the mind through an unusual idea.

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