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Inspiring Interiors


A beautiful interior can make people ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’, so it is no surprise that there are dozens of blogs out there highlighting interior designs from around the world. Oak Furniture UK feature a weekly ‘Inspiring Interiors’ to collate some of the best houses out on the web in one easy to access place, providing inspiration for any budding designers. Here is a few of their favourites from the past few weeks. Continue Reading →

Wood And Plastic Shelf

This Wood and Plastic Shelf created by  Hunn Wai is such a innovative and sustainable design. First a small hole is made in the acrylic sheet and is heated for an exact duration. The wooden pole is the pushed through sheet by sheet. When the plastic cools down, it contracts around the pole to create a vice – like grip. This is repeated, resulting in a strong and stable structure. Therefore this product is about bringing joinery back into the foreground, where the honesty and technique of process makes the Design.

‘Typeshelf’ By Ufuk Keskin

Typeshelf is a part of the ‘Flatobjects’ Series by New York based designer Ufuk Keskin. 2D cut -out letters in stainless steel sheet spelling out the word ‘shelf’ are bent by the user along perforations at its bottom to form the actual storage of the ‘typeshelf’. The material characteristics of steel provides a sturdy platform for books etc. without requiring additional hardware. The simple manufacturing process with minimum labour and energy/material consumption is suitable for low or high production which also makes customization possible. The ‘thinness’ of the design and flat-pack feature makes transportation and storage easier, less expensive and more environmental friendly.


Lamp or Shelf



README is the convergence of a lamp and a shelf created by Peter Boeckel, a young industrial designer from Germany. Standing on four legs it also is lightly influenced by the characteristics of a small chest. It still holds the traits of a lampshade which is broken up by shelving. In addition there is some small storage at the top. The extrapolation of the two convergent origins is the decisive point. He scrutinizes and interprets things and processes in abstract and unusual ways.

Peter Boeckel

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‘StairCASE’ Ladder and Shelf by Danny Kuo

‘StairCASE’ by the designer Danny Kuo is a bright solution for people with a lot of books and limited space.

This ladder shelf has three moving boxes, each of which can easily be pulled out to form a ladder. As a result, you will find reaching items on high shelves are no longer troublesome.

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