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New Tio Colors

Massproduction, Stockholm based furniture company, added four new colours to the Tio collection, bringing the total now available to eight. The colours, three pastels and a silver finish, have been carefully selected to bring vibrancy and delight to the Spring months and beyond. All Tio colours are available for all Tio products, both seating and tables – meaning that a strong, uninterrupted colour statement can be made in your project. Tio chairs and easy chairs can now be complimented with our colour co-ordinated, weather proof seat pads, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sumo Pouf

The inspiration behind Sumo originates from the classic Danish furniture industry, in which special attention is paid to the detail and craftmanship in creating the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The visual expression is robust and friendly and pleasing to the eye. The synergies, upholstery and buttons play an important part in the otherwise simple design.

Norman Copenhagen

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A Seat Like A Cloud

Imagine being able to rest on a cloud!  Lisa Widén’s design has surprisingly modest dimensions, and will fit into any interior without dominating it. A soft shape that suits tall and short people alike provide a comfortable sitting position. The seat can even switch places with the back support. Cloud manages to be both small and comfy, with a design which is truly contemporary but nonetheless has a hint of the 1950s. It is a play on tradition, twisting conventions ever so slightly.


Arabella Seating

Arabella  Seating from Stefan Heiliger for Leolux, an object with eccentric ways about it. The asymmetric shape thereby creates different seating experiences. Arabella offers a play on lines that at first sight seems familiar, but on closer inspection is surprising. Colour effects can harden or soften that effect at will.

Armchair With Metal Base

This Armchair with metal base looks like some sculpture. Designer Andrew Kopp has presented his collection of furniture. It’s a new fresh look on what modern furniture should be like. He uses different types of wood in one piece and soft but clear lines that make you think of minimalism but not strict.

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