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Expanding Imagination With The Mundane

Robert Janson is a Swedish architecture student with a wide and varied artistic eye. His plastic bag sculptures are merely a peck into his creative mind. The project was set at Lund Technical College in Sweden. He and his group decided that recycled plastic bags would be perfect to create the delicate, geometric, organic images they envisioned. Continue Reading →

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Sculptural Lounge

This Lounge continues the designer’s exploration of sculpture as a functional object. The massive wooden supports of the classic roller coaster provided the inspiration for the Adna Chaise. The challenge was finding a seat that compliments its complex interwoven base. The solution is an elegant sculptural form cradled in the chaos of Adna’s irregular supports.

Wind Chime Sculpture

Dixon’s sculpture is a giant, playful wind chime. With the aid of assistants, the kinetic sculpture was constructed on site over the course of an entire month. A rustic red wooden bridge hangs between two high points over a deep ravine, surrounded by rich foliage. Below, Dixon has dangled oversized chimes of varying sizes. Made from gold anondized aluminum, the bevel cut  pipes hang in formation, coming to a point in the center, which almost touches the ground below.

Dixon plays with the fusion of music and interaction as a means for humans to interact with one and another and to play. The sculpture has gained much attention, including being one of subject a Danish documentary about ” Sculpture by the Sea”.

Outdoor Sculpture


The Sculpture was made using a wire base frame and built up from hardened textiles and finished with three layers of different varnish. Well able to stay outside all year round. The welded base is firmly incorporated into the wire frame and has been finished with a rustproofing base paint and finished with another rustproofing paint in a matching grey. The base is ready drilled with four holes so it can be screwed down onto a stone base stand.

Sandra June Sculptures

Colorful Geometric Wall Sculpture



This is a wonderfully colorful original made to order sculptural wall artwork comprised of 36 colorful wooden blocks. Each wood block upcycled or recycled, is first hand-cut and sanded.  This particular wood was from builder leftover/scrap materials – and is actually very high quality wood. After the blocks are cut and prepared, each block was painted with a beautiful, rich blend of colors going from dark to light variations of Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.  A special technique for creating a thick high gloss lacquer coating was used, making a remarkable and unique finish.

For further information please visit artbyrosemary.

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