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Origami Installation By Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice is a 28 years old french artist who grew up in the mountains of Haute-Savoie (France). She studied architecture in Lyon and worked in Geneva and Marseille, she lived one year in Japan.

With different mediums such as origami, lace, photography, or painting and embroidery, she creates naive work at first sight, but deep and sensitive, in a constantly connection with the events encountered during her daily life. Continue Reading →

Oscar Niemeyer In 3D


Now you can find the dreamy concrete of Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture distilled into a little box. Publication Visionaire 62 Rio and online art market Paddle8 have collaborated to create a limited edition portfolio of anaglyphs depicting the iconic built work of Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer. With only 200 in production, a specialized stereoscope allows three dimensional viewing of ten photographs taken by Vicente de Paulo. A singular cubic package contains the glasses within a lenticular case and arranges a folder of slides and brochure with 2D representations. The slides feature images of churches, museums, civic and residential structures constructed between the 1940s and 1990s within the cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

Art Photography By ‘Hakulau’


My new favorite Art photography shop ‘Hakulau’ brings vintage travel photography of Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia in my home. The combination of the four, the Opera House in Sydney, the Sky Tower in Auckland, the Beach and the Green Leaf are my favorites. Continue Reading →

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Polka Dots …

A lovingly made photograph from a series called Lovelorn.
This is a photograph with a view camera on Polaroid Type 55 film than printed it in the darkroom using Lith chemistry on Maco paper.Tones, colors, and subtle hues are unique in each print.
The image is 4 3/4″x 6″ on 8×10 paper.

A lith print is a photographic printing process that uses standard black-and-white, photographic paper with lithographic developer to produce a print with dark shadows and soft, bright highlights.
You can buy it from etzy
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