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‘O Morro’ Project – Colorful Favela Paintings in Santa Marta, Brazil

Sequestered within the city of Rio de Janeiro, two men are giving the poor, compact community of Santa Marta a radiant makeover. Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn originally came to the favelas of Brazil in 2005 to film a documentary about hip hop for MTV, but after MTV left, they decided to stay.

Soon after, the Dutch duo known simply as Haas&Hahn began Favela Painting, an organization dedicated to bringing “outrageous works of art to unexpected places.” And if you think they’re doing this on their own accord, they aren’t. Local youths are employed as an integral part of their various projects. Continue Reading →

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‘Paradoxymoron’ – a trompe d’oeil Painting by Patrick Hughes

This movie shows one of Patrick Hughes’ stunning paintings hanging in the basement of the British Library, in London. It’s called ‘Paradoxymoron’. According to the Urban Dictionary, a Paradoxymoron is “a person who argues in circles, often contradicting themselves”.

As you can see, this is a “trompe d’oeil” type of painting (=“trick the eye” in French) that relies on a three-dimensional canvas to deliver a different image depending on the perspective of the viewer. Continue Reading →

‘JacksonPollock.org’ – One of the Most Famous Works of Internet Art

JacksonPollock.org‘ is one of the most famous works of Internet Art, made by Miltos Manetas in 2003. ‘JacksonPollock.org’ is a Webby Awards winner website (also an iPhone App) that lets you create Jackson Pollock style paintings online. Continue Reading →

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