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Minimalist Dresser

“Bon Drawer” is the drawer which piled up a “Bon” made by the veneer of oak. Keiji Ashizawa created a new image of how a modern minimalist dresser should look like. Bon Drawer consists of several drawers piled up on each other. The rail is just a flat bar attached to the frame. The frame is made by minimum structure for the drawer and it is easy to move by the wheel and handle attached by the frame. This minimalist dresser is great in any modern space and is totally eco-friendly.

Oturakast Drawer

Oturakast Drawer designed by Rianne Koens can easily transformed. Each separate wooden drawer has its own foldable legs. You can stack it or transform it into lovely stools for guest. Rianne Koens designs are simultaneously fun, industrial, and mobile, while also epitomizing minimalist living.

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Swarm Screen


Council’s collection is created for a discerning customer that values quality, craftsmanship, authenticity, and, above all, good design. They produce singular pieces, and aim to make each one the purest expression of its original design concept. This screen by Mike and Maaike scrambles space instead of stopping it flat. The staggered series of wooden slats linked by powder coated aluminum clips may look complex, but it’s actually the sum of those two parts.

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Luna Faucet Design Inspired By Moon And Star

Gazing into the sky and looking to the moon and the stars for inspiration, the designers at GRAFF created the awe-inspiring, Luna with its almost 40″ long spout – elegantly curving off the wall and into your sink. The GRAFF Luna Faucet’s sensuous and sculptural form is more than just decorative plumbing, it’s a piece of modern art; simplistic, minimalistic, and perfected in form.

Beauty, elegance, and function all packaged into one striking design. The long vertical blade curves slightly to complete the crescent edge of the moon. The handles express the twinkle in the stars. The dramatic look of this contemporary, award-winning design takes nothing away from its ability to provide as sensuous bathroom experience – as you would expect from the design team at GRAFF.


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