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Artwork Of Light

Hiroyuki Murase, the oldest son, started to create the Suzusan Luminaires from the handmade fabrics produced by his family in 2008 to present the refined tridimensional fabrics as artworks of light. Shibori is a centuries-old traditional japanese textile finishing technique. Continue Reading →

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Pendant Lights Called ‘Quarry’


Collaborating with Spanish furniture brand De la Espada , British designer Benjamin Hubert has developed a collection of furniture pieces which features seating, table and lightning designs.

Included within this range of interior products which utilizes the skills and knowledge of artisan craftsman, in a series of thin-walled marble pendant lights called ‘quarry’. The hand-turned shades are produced with a roughly finished interior which adds texture and describes the story of stone production. The Lamps utilize the natural stone’s translucent properties to diffuse the lights and reveals its veining. The traditional material is offset by the use of LEDs which allow the large hand-turned internal cavity to remain open and uncluttered.

Juicy Pendant By Lightyears

Light gives life and ” Lightyears “is functional lighting, but at the same time offer an aesthetic experience, wether it is on or off. The new Juicy pendant designed by Salto & Sigsgaard is logical, simple and functional. The various parts of the lamp;
the wire, cone and shade come together seamlessly which makes the pendant seem like an organic whole. The light is warm and concentrated, but never dazzles the beholder. Towards the bottom Juicy is finished off with a honeycomb-filter, which effectively concentrates the light. Quite specifically, Juicy is created to utilise the light source technology of the future in the best way possible.

‘Mark’ Nightlight Bookmark by Damjan Stanković

“Lamp ‘Mark‘ is a LED powered lamp for night reading. It automatically shuts off when covered with a book while at the same time it serves as a very intuitive bookmark.”

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