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Amazing Light Wherever You Are …

The lights of “Smart and Green” offer unique designing and an infinite number of application possibilities, linked with an excellent technology. Beside the modern forms, to every interior arrangement and in every garden fit huge advantages are the mobil application, completely without cable, regardless of weather, temperature and sphere.


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A World- Within- The -World

Artist Lawrence Lek’s  installation ‘Twins’,  a collaboration with industrial designer ‘Onur Ozkaya’, uses the form of two identical wings as an architectural form, unto which shadows and projected light plays to offer visitors the experience of a ‘world -within – the world’. These Sculptural Installation was on exhibition through July 3rd as part of ‘Illuminations’ the inaugural exhibition of Coldharbour London Artspace.

Lawrence Lek wanted to create a Sculpture that could enter an illuminated world in which light and shadow were as important as structure. He also wanted to combine two contrasting natural forms – the playfulness of wings in flight, and the intimacy of a womb-like enclosure.




Bag And Light All In One


Hobo Felt Bag is made from felted wool and is available in natural heathered grey or black. The elliptical base transitions to meet in a straight line at the bag’s opening which fastens with hidden magnets. This geometry creates a generous three dimensional volume that both visually unique and practical in its capacity. The bag’s durable construction and sturdy but soft material allows it to be used for carrying many different things and as a carry all day bag.



Forest Light by Onterwerpduo

Forest light is a new system for ceiling lights. The possibilities are unlimited. The design consists out of different parts, which can be connected at the ceiling. Step by step the light system is overgrowing the ceiling as it were.

It is possible to get one ore much more light points exactly where you want them. Also a wall light is possible. Obstacles or height differences are beautiful to use with these lights.


Butterflies in Milan …

The ” Light Butterflies” by Chiara Lampugnani Design are displayed in Paolo Scapi Street and Canonica Street in Milano, which participate in the Milan International Led Light Festival until January 2011.

Inspired by the Butterflies Oasis based in Palestro Street in Milan, the light butterflies by Chiara Lampugnani are an homage to the beauty of Nature through the splendor and magic of light. A message to the city of Milan which is always in a hurry so that it may stop and think about the simple thinks of life through the eyes of a child.


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