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‘Favorite Things’ Pendant Lamp by Chen Karlsson

‘Favorite Things’ is a lamp by designer Chen Karlsson that has a glass shade with a hole, specifically designed as a kind of display case for objects. Put your treasures on display and use the light bulb from the lamp as a spotlight. Continue Reading →

‘LightBean’ by Katerina Kopytina

Product designer Katerina Kopytina has created the ‘LightBean’ lamp made from oak.

“In LightBean lamp the globe bulb is not only the source of light but also an integral part of a shape. Made of local oak LightBean is finished with natural oil and has two colors: natural and black.

12 colors of textile cords help to integrate it into any interior.”

‘TILT’ Scraplight Lamps by graypants

Seattle-based graypants have introduced ‘TILT‘, a floor and desk series of their lamps featuring shades made from cardboard.

Locally crafted and built to last, each features a hand-blackened sturdy steel frame, porcelain lamp holder, textile wrapped cord, bottom felt pad, and durable rocker switch.  Continue Reading →

Book Table

Studio Voigt Dietrich presents some of their projects for those who love minimalism and style and doen’t want unnecessary details. The little Book Table out of beech can be used as a coffee table and bookstand at the same time. It’s a perfect piece of furniture for people who love to put things in order.

The X-Teile-Lampe is a lamp with an extremely variable shape and can be changed by a specially written script. The third piece is Drehbock – it’s a combination of swiveling stools and trestle. This thing plays with the theme of the differences between people. The encounter is between equals, it shows the balance of different interests, physical differences and variable uses are combined metaphorically.

The Dervish Lamp

The idea came after a visit in an automated car wash. Noticing how the car wash brushes completely alter their shape from flimsy drooping hair covered rods to massive powerful beams inspired the designer to create the Dervish Lamp.

The car wash brushes go from limp, to cones, to beams. A lamp could use this whimsical feature to direct light, from a tube of light to a cone, to an open light source. The contraption, with its spinning, would produce a rather considerable amount of wind. By morphing the ever-changing car wash brushes with a ceiling fan, a new product is achieved and completely redefines ceiling fans. The piece is called Dervish, it is spinning qualities remind one of the Turkish spinning dancers going in a trance.

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