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‘ONOFF’ Lamp by KHA

‘ONOFF’ by Tokyo-based design company Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc. (KHA) is the first lighting design created under the office’s Rezon brand. It is a rectangular shade that can either be hung or used as a standing lamp. Continue Reading →

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‘Broken Mirror’ by KHA

‘Broken Mirror’ is a designed mirror as it looks broken. Its appearance is cracked, but an acrylic mirror that is indestructible and safe is used for the material. The mirror isn’t actually cracked.

This mirror is radical, edged, practical and of course can be used as a design interior for your daily life.

The mirror is now available at KHA’s online shop at www.kha.jp.

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‘Diamond’ Reflective Pendant by KHA

‘Diamond’ is a reflective pendant designed by Tokyo-based company Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc. (KHA). It is 2-way pendant accessory that uses reflector for material and is designed to look like a shiny diamond. Continue Reading →

‘OTETE & ANYO’: Custom Baby Hand- and Footprints by KHA

Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc. (KHA) is a Tokyo-based design company and focusing on graphic and product design, established by Art Director Hideo KAWAMURA.

They have a new product that produces your baby’s hand- and footprints. Called ‘OTETE & ANYO‘ from our design label Rezon®. Continue Reading →

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