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Artwork Of Light

Hiroyuki Murase, the oldest son, started to create the Suzusan Luminaires from the handmade fabrics produced by his family in 2008 to present the refined tridimensional fabrics as artworks of light. Shibori is a centuries-old traditional japanese textile finishing technique. Continue Reading →

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‘Butterflies In My Stomach’ Glasses

Director of Undergrowth design, Tina Tsang exhibited her new collection ‘Butterflies in my stomach’ glasses at Maison et Object 2011. The drinking vessels have a center piece containing a cluster of butterflies and words. The images are magnified when the contents are added, making it easier to see and understand the
hidden messages inside. There are a variety of forms, each for a different beverage
including wine and cognac, each containing a different note to be discovered. All the components are handmade by the british designer herself.

Woven Chairs


Benjamin Hubert, a british industrial designer, created coracle and cargo for London based furniture manufacturer ‘De La Espada’. The project called for the use of artisan craftsman, meaning each piece has the unique quality only handmade object can deliver. The timber joinery detailing and hand-stitching are details which further generate the industrial aesthetic. The woven construction seen on the chair is the same pattern as that found on the vessel. The tri weave is enhanced with the same perforated leather wrapped around the steel frame, making the chair more tactile and comfortable.


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Colorful Sideboard

Color like candy and made out of lacquered wood, Edna sideboard created by Anthony Hartley. A Yorkshire based furniture designer and maker who creates dynamic and engaging furniture of the highest technical quality. He produces each piece by hand, from original drawings through to finished product. His furniture  is based on forms and colors which describe motion, giving each piece a sense of force and movement tightly constrained by the strong shapes and materials.


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