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Showcase By Sylvie Meuffels

This handmade showcase collection, designed for the label JSPR, is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The family of cabinet is made out of different proportioned and combined glass cubes and domes. It offers a unique spot to store and showcase your dearest or most valuable belongings. Constructed out of a sturdy powder coated steel frame and completely suited with glass, it gives a quality but fragile look, and fits in every space.

Sylvie Meuffels the designer is fascinated by the rituals and traditions around objects and aims to create designs that have potential for everyday use, but are flavoured with a touch of unexpectedness. When designing, she is not only creating the product itself, but also the experience and the rituals that grow around them.

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Borocilicate Glass

The glass comes to life when it is filled with water. The concave and convex lenses create an unusual view on the world and provide a nice grip at the same time. Designer Arnout Visser finds his main inspiration in the world of logic. He reminds us of ‘how things work’ by designing objects that are based in science—in physical or mechanical laws. The usage of glass—Arnout’s favourite material—gives a clear insight in the working of, for example, liquids, but Arnout also works with other materials such as ceramics, plastics and metals. Designs by Arnout Visser can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Design Museum London, Kunsthal Rotterdam and Groninger Museum, amongst others.


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‘Butterflies In My Stomach’ Glasses

Director of Undergrowth design, Tina Tsang exhibited her new collection ‘Butterflies in my stomach’ glasses at Maison et Object 2011. The drinking vessels have a center piece containing a cluster of butterflies and words. The images are magnified when the contents are added, making it easier to see and understand the
hidden messages inside. There are a variety of forms, each for a different beverage
including wine and cognac, each containing a different note to be discovered. All the components are handmade by the british designer herself.

‘Flower’ – Glass Faucet & Vase Combination

“The ‘Flower‘ glass bathroom faucet design is bound to attract admiring comments from your guests! Simply lean forward to smell the fresh-cut flowers as you wash your hands – what could be better?” Continue Reading →

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‘Cipher’ – a Smart Drinking Glass by Damjan Stanković

Damjan Stanković is a designer specialized in industrial, identity, interface and concept design. He is currently based in Belgrade, Serbia.

From Damjan Stanković:

“An empty glass resembles a meaningless colorful mosaic, until a liquid is poured into it, revealing its name. Each side of the glass is reserved for a specific drink. The dekrypt glass though complex in appearance in fact runs on a very simple idea. Continue Reading →

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