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People sometimes believe that ecologically friendly items cannot be luxurious or that they lack artistic value. No matter the source of this belief, the artists represented at EcoFirstArt produce some of the most striking, unique and creative artworks that can be found. This site was designed with architects, interior designers, and clients in mind to help connect them to these artists and their beautiful creations. Improve the planet one gorgeous piece at a time.



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Funny Furniture

Designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay have just created a fantastic collection for Raw Edges Design, an experimental studio blurring the lines between art and industrial design. It’s called the Coiling Collection and it was presented at the Fat Gallerie in Paris. The collection consists of chairs, puffs, tables and rugs. They are made of long strips of wool felt, rolled into shape and combined with wood, and then coated in resin to create solid structures. It’s a very interesting method. The vivid colors will definitely raise your spirits. It’s a wonderful idea for a funny living room or even a child’s room.

Raw Edges Design

Medium Circle Coffee Table

Medium Circles Coffee Table in Solid Cherry.

height: 16px; font-size: MATERIAL/Finish: Solid cherry with a semi-gloss protective topcoat. Note: Cherry will turn darker and redder as it ages. Takes 5 minutes with supplied hardware and directions. Organic shape, about 30″ wide by 33″ long, 15″ high from table top to floor.



‘Confessional’ Furniture by Arik Levy

As an extension of a project on the theme of love, SLOTT gallery (Paris) and Exquise Design have invited four designers to play out their fantasies, giving shape and meaning, breathing life into their conceptions of preliminaries. They have approached this subject from different and complementary viewpoints that together offer a panorama of creation like no other seen before. Continue Reading →

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‘Jack in the Box’ Desktop Furniture by 45 Kilo

From 45 Kilo:

“Desktop working spaces include a lot of technology that is usually powered by cables. We wanted to create something around this because we like to work so much. Taking a closer look at this may result in a passive or an active design. Continue Reading →

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