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‘Chandeliers’ Inspired By Flowers

Marleen Kurves graduated from a Master in Visual Art with a specification in glass. Her fascination with glass can be a very esthetic approach, but also hold a deeper meaning. The Flos Collection is inspired by flowers. Flos means flower in Latin.

Every Chandelier has its own personal name. On the pictures Flos Rosea and Flos Flavula are visible. The lamps are made of textile wire and transparent tubes of glass. The wire becomes the ornament itself. The Flos chandeliers are available in different colors.

Stool Made From Textile Waste

This new eco- friendly new material uses natural and plastic waste and is held together with a biodegradable starch-based  adhesive. According to the designer Bernardita Marambio B. Pecas, “the high percentage cotton mix is blended together with a biodegradable adhesive where it maintains high structural strength after being sealed with greenwash.” Continue Reading →

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“Design Space” At Design Miami 2012


Tel Aviv’s Art and Design Gallery Design Space is representing for the first time there new collection at “Design Miami” December 2012. The exhibition is dedicated to vessels and containers by work from designers Michael Cederbaum and Noam Dover.

“Hacking the Mould” is a collection of three large vases casted in stoneware by designer Noam Dover and Michael Cederbaum. This collection hopes to take part in a cultural discourse over two related contemporary phenomena – hacker culture and maker culture. First, standard plaster moulds were casted. Then second step was performed by use of chisels and hammers. The mould parts were chiseled out to intervene with the vases formalistic characteristics, as if they were blocks of marbles in the sculptors studio. Finally, stoneware was casted into the moulds to form a series of vases, which contain the contrast between the original form and it’s hack. Continue Reading →

The Dog House Sofa

This Dog House Sofa is a tool to communicate and share feeling between human and pet. Korean designer Seungji Mun was conceived as M.Pup’s first line of pet furniture. As residential spaces become increasingly shared with household pets, the furniture collection becomes a tool for interacting between humans and animals. This sofa is composed of the solid ash wood and and a fabric.

Amazing Light Wherever You Are …

The lights of “Smart and Green” offer unique designing and an infinite number of application possibilities, linked with an excellent technology. Beside the modern forms, to every interior arrangement and in every garden fit huge advantages are the mobil application, completely without cable, regardless of weather, temperature and sphere.


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