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Amazing Light Wherever You Are …

The lights of “Smart and Green” offer unique designing and an infinite number of application possibilities, linked with an excellent technology. Beside the modern forms, to every interior arrangement and in every garden fit huge advantages are the mobil application, completely without cable, regardless of weather, temperature and sphere.


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Hot Candy In Elegant Packaging

Bermellon is a Mexican hot candy confectionery shop, whose products are very popular in the country. There greatest success consists in taking these traditional flavored products to a premium buying experience through their packaging. The selected vivid colors constantly remind us about the product’s extreme acid and spicy flavor.

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‘Urban Nests – Come Back Sparrows’


Dom Arquitectura did a different and orginal project, where the future users are the city sparrows!  The creative team in Barcelona, Spain  have developed an environmental and architectural installation entitled ‘Urban Nests – come back sparrows!’ Continue Reading →

Dust Away

Created with a keen twist, the Dustpan and Broom allows you to clean with precision and style, complete with a small resting hole to perfectly set the brush in the pan or hang it on the wall. Perfect for those who like everything nice and neat.  A simple and straightforward movement that created the basic idea for a new kind of dustpan. The dustpan is in all its simplicity constructed from a piece of flat plastic with a hole – for hanging the set on the wall.


Bauwerk Parquet Helps You To Find Your Own Style


Bauwerk Parquet and Zurich designer Virginia Maissen show us how a new generation of parquet should look. They created a new collection of wood flooring with a feel of authentic wood and an innovative new look. It’s a rainbow of vibrant colors and trendy patterns, from vintage to modern look. Old News collection is splashed with a newsprint pattern, it would look great in a living room, studio or home library and would give the space a modernist touch. Punchy red, blue, white, yellow and green pieced together, or natural wood with a rustic touch – choose your own style.





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