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Showcase By Sylvie Meuffels

This handmade showcase collection, designed for the label JSPR, is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The family of cabinet is made out of different proportioned and combined glass cubes and domes. It offers a unique spot to store and showcase your dearest or most valuable belongings. Constructed out of a sturdy powder coated steel frame and completely suited with glass, it gives a quality but fragile look, and fits in every space.

Sylvie Meuffels the designer is fascinated by the rituals and traditions around objects and aims to create designs that have potential for everyday use, but are flavoured with a touch of unexpectedness. When designing, she is not only creating the product itself, but also the experience and the rituals that grow around them.

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Different Trains

Different Trains is a sliding door cabinet available in two widths and various heights. Long planks of solid hardwood create a cabinet with an open form, while the sliding doors articulating the facade partially conceal the cabinet contents, engaging play between positive and negative space.
Available in american black walnut finished with a danish oil or american white oak finished with a danish oil or a white oil. Sliding compact laminate doors articulate the facade. Powder-coated steel legs.

Animate Bedside

An ideal accompaniment to any furniture, the Animate Bedside is individual in character and eye-catching in appearance. Designed to showcase the drawer mechanics whilst allowing for a harmonious integration with the outer shell of the cabinet.

Young & Norgate


Push And Store Cabinet Without Any Shelves

Chung-Tang Ho has presented Push and Store cabinet. This piece of furniture may accommodate anything that is not higher or wider than itself. This cabinet expands as it’s filled up. There no shelves, you just push the object inside and the cabinet expands to store it. The design could be used as a miniature bookcase or a CD case, it is all up to you and your storing needs. Once the objects are pulled back, the cabinet takes its “normal” shape, making room for other items. With this cabinet you won’t have empty shelves, if you don’t need to store something you can just enjoy the view.

Chung- Tank Ho

Modular Storage Cabinet By Mushiki

Inspired by a traditional Japanese cooking vessel, the Spanish designer  Tomas Alonso designed the  Mushiki storage system. The simple cabinet is a large, circular-shaped container constructed from sustainable bamboo reminiscent of its inspiration, or an Indian tiffin box. Modular in make, you can stack one upon the other to form one very smart and stylish storage unit.

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