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Inspiring Interiors


A beautiful interior can make people ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’, so it is no surprise that there are dozens of blogs out there highlighting interior designs from around the world. Oak Furniture UK feature a weekly ‘Inspiring Interiors’ to collate some of the best houses out on the web in one easy to access place, providing inspiration for any budding designers. Here is a few of their favourites from the past few weeks. Continue Reading →

Push And Store Cabinet Without Any Shelves

Chung-Tang Ho has presented Push and Store cabinet. This piece of furniture may accommodate anything that is not higher or wider than itself. This cabinet expands as it’s filled up. There no shelves, you just push the object inside and the cabinet expands to store it. The design could be used as a miniature bookcase or a CD case, it is all up to you and your storing needs. Once the objects are pulled back, the cabinet takes its “normal” shape, making room for other items. With this cabinet you won’t have empty shelves, if you don’t need to store something you can just enjoy the view.

Chung- Tank Ho

Modular Bookcase with solid Birch

The Salamandre bookcase is a modular system that consists of solid birch cabinets and steel accessories. You can combine them any way you want to get a very own personalized bookcase. Cabinets are available in three sizes. Small cabinets come in velvet red or powder blue, with or without door. Large cabinets come in ocean green or aubergine purple. Large vertical cabinets are available only in lime green. Among available metal accessories you can find feet, book holders, links between cabinets and so on. Besides, you can select one of the 3 sets already designed by the manufacturer. Each bookcase you create could be as freestanding as fixed to a wall for stability.

Modular Bookcase

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‘Extended Cab’ Shelf by Sloom & Slordig

‘Extended Cab’ by Sloom & Slordig is a concept for a bookcase design. The basis for the idea is called ‘Pile Cab‘ by the same design studio – but instead of a single frame for each book, four to seven frames have been combined.

The boxes are made of plywood. To emphasize the colors of the books, the boxes are not painted.

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