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Thinker On Sun Fold

Made with clay and old book cut and folded. The Thinker as a reflection of the contemplation of new knowledge.



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‘The Book of Lights’ – an Illuminated Manuscript by Takeshi Ishiguro

What looks like a simple coffee table book made of paper and fabric actually transforms into a paper lamp when opened.

Designed by the former product designer for IDEO, Takeshi Ishiguro now works on his own back in Japan, dedicating his full time to experimental technology, conceptual products and beautiful installations.

His pop-up book ‘Book of Lights’ is a coffee table book that you’ll actually open. A wonderfully crafted and cleverly folded lamp springs to life from the hardy white pages of the bound book, powered by a simple low voltage adapter.

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‘Mark’ Nightlight Bookmark by Damjan Stanković

“Lamp ‘Mark‘ is a LED powered lamp for night reading. It automatically shuts off when covered with a book while at the same time it serves as a very intuitive bookmark.”

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