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Bamboo Inspiration…

Bamboo is an amazing plant and one of the fastest growing plants of the world. Once the seed has been sown, you see nothing for about five years apart from a tiny shoot. All the growth take place underground, where a complex root system reaching upwards and outwards is being established. Then, at the end of the fifth year, the bamboo suddenly shoots up to a heigh of  984″. Bamboo are native to all major continents, except for Europe, but most of those in cultivation come from China and Japan. Continue Reading →

Modular Storage Cabinet By Mushiki

Inspired by a traditional Japanese cooking vessel, the Spanish designer  Tomas Alonso designed the  Mushiki storage system. The simple cabinet is a large, circular-shaped container constructed from sustainable bamboo reminiscent of its inspiration, or an Indian tiffin box. Modular in make, you can stack one upon the other to form one very smart and stylish storage unit.

Bamboo In Place Of Steel


Alessi and the Campana brothers present a new bamboo collection. Until now, the pieces were only available in stainless steel, but this new version is made from hand finished natural bamboo. This shift from cold to warm materials not only emphasizes manual skills, but also pays hommage to the Campanas and Alessi’s methods of production.



Flat -Pack Coffee Table

This biodegradable , flatpack coffee table made of bamboo is easy to assemble and saves fuel and energy by shipping flat instead of in a huge box.

Flat-pack coffee table

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