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Art Photography By ‘Hakulau’


My new favorite Art photography shop ‘Hakulau’ brings vintage travel photography of Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia in my home. The combination of the four, the Opera House in Sydney, the Sky Tower in Auckland, the Beach and the Green Leaf are my favorites. Continue Reading →

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Colorful Bank In Japan


Emmanuelle Moureaux architecture + design has completed ‘Sugamo Shinkin Bank’,a credit union located in Shimura, Japan. The design, an offset volume of rainbow-like layers, is the third branch designed by Moureaux.

Tacked slabs in twelve saturated colors dominate the exterior facade and contrast the stark white panels that enclose the building. Looking to create a refreshing atmosphere with a palpable sense of nature, the color gently transition until they disappear into the sky. Softly reflected onto the white surfaces, the hues create a warm and diffused exterior which provide a sense of ease and solitude.                                                                 At night, the layers are faintly illuminated, varying in accordance to weather and the season.

Emmanuelle Moureaux is a french architect and designer residing in Tokio. She graduated in 1995 from the architecture school in Bordeaux.

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Fibonacci and the Art of Architecture

The Fibonacci Sequence is named after Leonardo of Pisa who was also known as Fibonacci. He introduced a sequence of numbers to the West that would galvanize mathematicians for centuries, and up until today. It’s initial founding was solidified with his book, Liber Abaci in 1202 but this sequence has been in use since nearly the dawn of intelligent thought for a vast multitude of purposes including, but not limited to, building construction. Continue Reading →

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‘POLLI-Bricks’ Are Turning Plastic Bottles Into Green Architecture


The POLLI-Brick is made entirely of recycled materials and offers passive cooling, natural ventilation and even integrated solar/wind powered LED lighting. Created by miniWIZ, POLLI-Bricks are a genius example of recycled bottle architecture.

The brick features a unique interlocking cylindrical shape and each brick is created from around four recycled PET plastic bottles. Continue Reading →

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‘PingPong’ Project by 4 of 7 Architecture

4 of 7 shared their ‘PingPong’ project with us, which began as a competition entry for the Serbian Pavilion at 12thVenice Biennale of Architecture. The firm has taken the initial ideas and developed them further to complete a second version of the project for the Mixer Design Expo in Belgrade. The idea of the ‘PingPong’ project is to provide architectural means for spontaneous change of use throughout the exhibition life cycle. Continue Reading →

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