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Colors bring character to a house. No matter whether they are correct or not, every single interior can be an exception to the design.  Colors can create the required mood and provide the ambience that one expects to have in a house. 

Using the ‘right’ colors is always a challenging task. No matter whether they are correct or not, every single interior can be an exception to the design.  This not only requires a mutual agreement on the individual color preference of each of the family members, but also to consider the usual myths that are created when it comes to choosing colors for your interiors. 

There is no such any rules which defines the color combinations that are musts and must not. Remember many color rules are based on lighting and how much natural light is sourced into your interiors. 

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No doubt, there is scientific evidence to back this idea that red triggers a release of chemicals that can increase appetite but that is no reason to not to go red. This breaks the monotonous feel and brings a spark of individuality to your rooms.

 It is believed that by painting all the rooms in the same color, the eye perceives a uniform flow throughout the house and gives a feel of a single piece. In fact, rather than using same color, use various shades of that color in different rooms. 

White Becomes Dirty Too Quickly Yes, it’s true that white can get pretty dirty in no time. The thing is, any other colour can. You just don’t see it. When a surface is darker, it’s difficult to make out most of the filth, whereas if it’s white, every single spot is clearly seen. White Equals Boring, If there is nothing whatsoever interesting in a white room, it will look dull. But in general white can work with almost anything and if you want to focus on the furnishings and fixtures in the room, white will be the perfect background.

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Dark Makes a Place Look Smaller, it does but, again, If lots of natural light is allowed in the room, it will look spacious enough, even though its walls may be too dark.

When it comes to your interiors, which is a personal choice, there can be no rules because every home, every interior is an exception that should not be generalized.

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