Some Realistic Designer Bathroom Concepts from QS Supplies

Transparent Basin

Innovation cannot be contained within the boundaries of shape, form, colour or texture or in boundaries of thought either, except for one–that of creating a ‘newness of thought’. Innovation, when motivated by a need or an ongoing factor of challenge which touches lives, particularly with predictions of doom and disaster, shortages and endangerment to the planet itself, brings forth solutions that one cannot either predict or foresee.

The birth of Thought is a celebration and will pave way for ideas, needs, theories, innovations, products and more and hopefully for progress. In the recent past a Thought that has taken birth in dumping yards, garbage grounds and landfills  has gripped intelligent, creative and committed minds with a strong and overpowering urge, an urge that has spread like wildfire and continues to spread, gathering momentum in all spheres of life,  and that is of Recycling, Renewing and Re-using.

The Barrel in the Bathroom…… where did it come from?

Barrel Basin

What is the barrel’s place in the bathroom, you may inquire and yes it is valid. Where did it come from? ..from The Thought, of course. And that Thought comes from the incredible and resourceful minds from QS Supplies. The ageless barrel, somewhat a contemporary of the wheel now rolls out of its age-old work horse identity as a container of goods in transition, to be discarded when the journey ends or at best a container for mundane essentials, is reinvented and emerges in its recycled ‘avatar’ as a symbol of innovation that provides comfort and convenience in daily activities.


The barrel form that has so far remained unexplored is now making a grand entry as a design statement that you will see as a charming Barrel Basin Vanity Unit. This barrel has been incredibly transformed into a form that displays style and usefulness—while retaining its old-world charm. Crafted from high quality galvanised steel for strength and durability, it has 2 shelves to hold your bath area utilities. The floor-standing wonder features 2 doors with knobs and a stainless steel basin for washing and grooming. The simple charm of the barrel merges superbly in traditional spaces.  Go ahead and welcome this into your bathroom and create a unique focal point in your home.


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