A Bathtub Like A Sofa

01964266465 A Bathtub Like A Sofa

The ‘Charme’  bathtub defines a new typology in bathtub design. ‘Nuvist’ an Architectual and Design Studio, was founded by Kursat Sekercioglu and Emrah Cetinkaya, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Emrah Cetinkaya designed ‘Charme’ for continuity unique form which has transition between watering system function, comfortable seating idea, and also singular continuous form. Side parts of back rest area of ‘Charme’ form provide arm resting area during the bath period such as a sofa has and also control buttons for the watering system.

‘Indoor Compost System’ By Charlotte Dieckmann And Nils Ferber

parasite01 493x540 Indoor Compost System By Charlotte Dieckmann And Nils Ferber

The ‘Parasite Farm’ by Charlotte Dieckmann and Nils Ferber is an indoor compost system that can be easily integrated into your current living environment. Highly compacted urban area doesn’t leave much room for agricultural practices and not everybody has access to a balcony or garden. The ‘Parasite Farm’, a system that enables you to compost your biological waste, produce humus soil and to grow your own vegetables and herbs – all within your apartment!
To integrate with your interior and your habits both the vermicompost system and the plant boxes use existing furniture as infrastructure. The parasitic objects are fed by your food scraps and provide you – in turn – with fresh vegetables.

Push And Store Cabinet Without Any Shelves

desk 554x418 540x407 Push And Store Cabinet Without Any Shelves

push and storei 3 554x417 540x406 Push And Store Cabinet Without Any Shelves

Chung-Tang Ho has presented Push and Store cabinet. This piece of furniture may accommodate anything that is not higher or wider than itself. This cabinet expands as it’s filled up. There no shelves, you just push the object inside and the cabinet expands to store it. The design could be used as a miniature bookcase or a CD case, it is all up to you and your storing needs. Once the objects are pulled back, the cabinet takes its “normal” shape, making room for other items. With this cabinet you won’t have empty shelves, if you don’t need to store something you can just enjoy the view.

Chung- Tank Ho

Box For Cookies

fd763ad66  Box For Cookies

The Cookie Box created by Rami Tateef, is used as a gesture or a small gift to make new or an old relationship with someone. Make your favorite cookies, write down your recipe and give it as good gesture. Share your own recipe it is a human gesture!
The Cookie box born as a mediator between people to allow cross cultural relationships between different people, to enable a cultural sharing experiences all through food, the most basic common denominator for us.

Parisian Parking Poles As Mini Garden

Paris label planters 13 537x387 Parisian Parking Poles As Mini Garden


Potogreen pariscotejardin Parisian Parking Poles As Mini Garden

Disgusted with the ugly globe-crested anti-parking poles that have taken over many roads, Paule Kingleur from Paris Label created these adorable hanging gardens to spruce up her city. The pocket gardens consist of a ring of four precious-waste-plastic-shopping-bags-recycled-into-a-new-durable-textile recycled canvas bag that contain a variety of small plants that form a hanging garden. In addition to generating a renewed spirit of public participation that encourages local citizens to beautify their city, Kingleur’s botanical gardens are also great for the environment!