Modular Storage Cabinet By Mushiki

mushiki11 537x402 Modular Storage Cabinet By Mushiki

Inspired by a traditional Japanese cooking vessel, the Spanish designer  Tomas Alonso designed the  Mushiki storage system. The simple cabinet is a large, circular-shaped container constructed from sustainable bamboo reminiscent of its inspiration, or an Indian tiffin box. Modular in make, you can stack one upon the other to form one very smart and stylish storage unit.

Side Table For An Apple

apple table 1 405x540 Side Table For An Apple

apple table 2 405x540 Side Table For An Apple

The small side table designed by Tomas Alonso is based on a very basic cantilevering principle, which allows for the height of the top to be very easily adjusted along a simple wooden post. Without any mechanical connection, the top relies just on its weight to stay at any position along the post. It can also work on its own as a tray when not placed on the base.

‘Sity’ Urban Seating

acquaintances alongside strangers 540x308 Sity Urban Seating

Street furniture with enables social interaction between people. The project initiated as a response to the occasions in which people cannot find a place in the city. ‘Sity’, the work of Israeli industrial designer Ma’ayan Edwy, is street furniture designed to facilitate social interaction between individuals while simultaneously interacting with urban space and atmosphere.
Composed of concrete on a metal tubular base, the chairscan  be spun in; and the double seat offers a way for strangers, friends, and acquaintances alike to interact. ‘Sity’ can also be considered modularly and installed en masse to provide for expanded urban seating needs.

‘Ryo Yamada’ – Vertical Landscape

vl03a 357x540 Ryo Yamada   Vertical Landscape

vl03 404x540 Ryo Yamada   Vertical Landscape

Fascination without existing category – between art and architecture. An artistic display of white synthetic fiber netting created by japanese artist/architect Ryo Yamada is located in Sapporo, Japan. Sited inside the upper level exterior courtyard of a  historical building, the installation responds to open air conditions. This environmental art intends to evoke a range of emotions in visitors meandering within the space as it responds to varying weather condition and sun angles. The top of the delicate columns are open allowing light to filter through the translucent textile tube.

Rocking Bed Built From Industrial Waste

261908 185644584827762 100001466661644 497500 237007 n Rocking Bed Built From Industrial Waste

The  Shiner Rocking Bed is a minimalist construction, and stands at any angle using rubber floor stoppers making it an interesting addition to any home. Shiner is a team of artists and craftsmen in a state -of -art production setting. The furniture manufacturer based in Atlanta, Georgia takes scrap industrial materials destined for a landfill and turns them into furniture with a contemporary aesthetic. Continue Reading →