Avantgarde Styles And Enlightenment Of Forgotten Designers

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Chic and graphic stripes painted on the bathroom walls. The nickel – and brass tub dates from 19th century, and the chair by Honore Paris is from Gallery Yves Gastou. The Gallery is specialized into 20th art and Yves Gastou has been devoted, since thirty years, to discover of avantgarde style as well as to enlightenment of forgotten designer.

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In 1985, in his gallery in Paris, realised by the famous architect and designer Ettore Sottsass, Yves Gastou has exhibited for the first time in France the most important designers’s creations in the eighties, as Ettore Sottsass, Shiro Kuramata or Ron Arad, and started showing works by Jacques Adnet, Gilbert Poillerat, André Arbus, Maxime Old, Marc du Plantier et Paul Dupré-Lafon,  Michel Boyer, Angelo Mangiarotti, Pierre Cardin, Gabriella Crespi, Joe Colombo, Paul Evans, Maria Pergay, Philippe Hiquily, Ado Chale and Jean-Claude Farhi, along with other designers from the 40′s, 50′s, and 70′s.


A World- Within- The -World

twins02 540x303 A World  Within  The  World

twins01 540x344 A World  Within  The  World

Artist Lawrence Lek’s  installation ‘Twins’,  a collaboration with industrial designer ‘Onur Ozkaya’, uses the form of two identical wings as an architectural form, unto which shadows and projected light plays to offer visitors the experience of a ‘world -within – the world’. These Sculptural Installation was on exhibition through July 3rd as part of ‘Illuminations’ the inaugural exhibition of Coldharbour London Artspace.

Lawrence Lek wanted to create a Sculpture that could enter an illuminated world in which light and shadow were as important as structure. He also wanted to combine two contrasting natural forms – the playfulness of wings in flight, and the intimacy of a womb-like enclosure.




Wind Chime Sculpture

chimecco windchime sculptur 537x405 Wind Chime Sculpture

Dixon’s sculpture is a giant, playful wind chime. With the aid of assistants, the kinetic sculpture was constructed on site over the course of an entire month. A rustic red wooden bridge hangs between two high points over a deep ravine, surrounded by rich foliage. Below, Dixon has dangled oversized chimes of varying sizes. Made from gold anondized aluminum, the bevel cut  pipes hang in formation, coming to a point in the center, which almost touches the ground below.

Dixon plays with the fusion of music and interaction as a means for humans to interact with one and another and to play. The sculpture has gained much attention, including being one of subject a Danish documentary about ” Sculpture by the Sea”.

DIY Furniture Design is Within Your Reach


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The simplest sounding solution to having stylish quality furniture without paying a premium is to build it yourself. But interior design is a bit harder than just spending an afternoon constructing cardboard alternatives in your backyard. While there are, in fact, many different ways you can assemble quality functional furniture on the cheap, it’s worth considering authentic wood-framed pieces that take time and passion to build, especially if you have access to the tools to do so.25044129 DIY Furniture Design is Within Your Reach Continue Reading →

‘Whatami’ By stARTT At The Maxxi Museum In Rome

maxxi02 540x360 Whatami By stARTT At The Maxxi Museum In Rome

maxxi04 540x359 Whatami By stARTT At The Maxxi Museum In Rome

‘Whatami’, a temporary installation by roman architectural practice stARTT is open to the puplic. Taking place the first time in Italy, of Zaha Hadid’s Maxxi Museum in Rome. It transformed the external space of the Museum into a garden of undulating green island peppered with abstract, poppy-red sculptures. The artificial landscape develops a unique public environment where individuals can relax and contemplate the sinuous lines of hadid’s now-iconic structure. The event is a collateral project of MoMA PSI, a young architects program of New York City.

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