Family Chair By Junya Ishigami


The pieces are made from a variety of materials, but tie together as a family through magnificent optical effects and practical in their harmony.  Japanese architect Junya Ishigami created a series of furniture products for Italian company Living Divani. Originally presented at Milan’s design week in 2010, the items, which include, among others, a set of chairs and a low table, will be available for purchase in Japan.

A Portable Garden Bar

Keter is a multifunctional bar to keep all your stuff for your next Garden Party. You can not only use the lower level to keep the drinks cold but also use the upper level as a table. You can regulate the height yourself and open or close the lower level if needed. You may choose from two color schemes: white with green lime or black with green lime. Comfort and bright colors make this bar a great piece for any garden party. Put such a bar in your garden and enjoy freshness even if it’s hot.

Black Teahouse By A1 Architects


The building, named Black Teahouse, was designed by Czech studio A1Architects and sits beside a lake and woodland near the City of Česká Lípa. The Teahouse is carefully designed to become a natural part of the Landscape.
The teapot is suspended from the ceiling by a knotted length of rope and nestles into a crevice in the floor. The round walls of the building are coated in clay plaster and integrate three flower vases. The large doors slide back from both rectangular
and arched openings in the walls of the Tea House to open it out to a sheltered deck. Visitors to this timber Tea House sit beneath a woven rope dome with a gilded skylight and a hanging teapot in the middle. It is a small place to gather, it is a place for a cup of tea…

Colorful Sideboard

Color like candy and made out of lacquered wood, Edna sideboard created by Anthony Hartley. A Yorkshire based furniture designer and maker who creates dynamic and engaging furniture of the highest technical quality. He produces each piece by hand, from original drawings through to finished product. His furniture  is based on forms and colors which describe motion, giving each piece a sense of force and movement tightly constrained by the strong shapes and materials.


A Coffee Table With Curves



This futuristic Coffee Table was inspired by the spiral shape of roller coasters loops. The surface features two separate tabletops so the table is perfect for two people. Two small, almost invisible, acrylic bars, beneath the table, maintains its stability. This creative Coffee Table could easily become the focal point of a room where it is placed. The Brazilien Design Studio Baita is based in Rio de Janeiro and run by Helen Bueno and Heinz Mueller.

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