Thin Black Lines And Dancing By Nendo


Japanese designers Nendo draw black and white floorboards that appear to flow around plinths for their solo show at the Taiwanese government-sponsored National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute featuring two collections. ‘Thin Black Lines’ is a collection of furniture formed from ‘Still Black’, used ‘Active Black on White’ for the exhibition space. The drawings on the floor flow like river water around the exhibition stands. ‘Dancing Squares’ is a collection based on the concept of ‘Active White’. They wanted a space that expressed the idea of ‘Still Black on White’. The room-sized sketch, affixed to walls and floor, uses a fish-eye lens-like effect as though viewers are seeing it through a tiny water drop.

Coat Hanger Fruit Bowl


Amplifier offers idea, concept and product development of small interior to large scale furniture and installations, design research and consulting service as well as graphic design for print and web. Amplifier is the London – based Studio by Florian Kremb.

Broom With A View

Despite of the fact that a broom is a very beautiful everyday object, it is usually hidden away in a cupboard unless it is used for cleaning. This broom incorporates a picture frame. So, when not in use, it functions as a flexible frame stand to be leant against any wall or furniture in the house.
Florian Kremb’s fresh way of looking at things has generated a diverse range of compelling and commercially successful ideas in the field of Product, Furniture and Graphic Design.

‘Typeshelf’ By Ufuk Keskin

Typeshelf is a part of the ‘Flatobjects’ Series by New York based designer Ufuk Keskin. 2D cut -out letters in stainless steel sheet spelling out the word ‘shelf’ are bent by the user along perforations at its bottom to form the actual storage of the ‘typeshelf’. The material characteristics of steel provides a sturdy platform for books etc. without requiring additional hardware. The simple manufacturing process with minimum labour and energy/material consumption is suitable for low or high production which also makes customization possible. The ‘thinness’ of the design and flat-pack feature makes transportation and storage easier, less expensive and more environmental friendly.


Armchair With Metal Base

This Armchair with metal base looks like some sculpture. Designer Andrew Kopp has presented his collection of furniture. It’s a new fresh look on what modern furniture should be like. He uses different types of wood in one piece and soft but clear lines that make you think of minimalism but not strict.