‘Chandeliers’ Inspired By Flowers

019751668121 Chandeliers Inspired By Flowers

Marleen Kurves graduated from a Master in Visual Art with a specification in glass. Her fascination with glass can be a very esthetic approach, but also hold a deeper meaning. The Flos Collection is inspired by flowers. Flos means flower in Latin.

Every Chandelier has its own personal name. On the pictures Flos Rosea and Flos Flavula are visible. The lamps are made of textile wire and transparent tubes of glass. The wire becomes the ornament itself. The Flos chandeliers are available in different colors.

Stool Made From Textile Waste

BERNARDITA MARAMBIO Fase3 1 537x402 Stool Made From Textile Waste

This new eco- friendly new material uses natural and plastic waste and is held together with a biodegradable starch-based  adhesive. According to the designer Bernardita Marambio B. Pecas, “the high percentage cotton mix is blended together with a biodegradable adhesive where it maintains high structural strength after being sealed with greenwash.” Continue Reading →

Get Your Patio Ready for Summer

Sofa 540x540 Get Your Patio Ready for Summer

Sweeping silhouette. Made of all-weather cord handwoven around a lightweight aluminum frame, the Huron Sofa brings just the right combination of comfort and elegance to porches and decks. Its rust-resistant construction lets it live outside, rain or shine. Continue Reading →

Five Colorful Redesign Ideas for Your Home

13 540x540 Five Colorful Redesign Ideas for Your Home

Black and white or in living color? The choice is yours with the Rex Media Console from the Blu Dot for Fab collaboration. The low-profile storage piece features four interchangeable metal panels in different colors to make changing up the look of your living room almost as easy as couch surfing. Each panel is precisely perforated so you can tuck your cable box (and other electronic accoutrement) out of sight and still enjoy uninterrupted flipping between channels. Continue Reading →

String Lights: 7 Fun Ways to Use Your Holiday Decor Year-Round

THREE fairy lights on wall by Rob Faulkner 540x360 String Lights: 7 Fun Ways to Use Your Holiday Decor Year Round

Who doesn’t love seeing stores, homes and yards glowing with vibrant, twinkling lights at Christmas? Do you ever wish you could enjoy the fun glimmer of those colorful lights throughout the year without being tacky? With these simple ideas, you can!
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