Have A Bath … History of Aquatic Therapy



The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that social bathing was a critical component of overall health and vigor as well as stimulated the mind. Both Greek and Roman bath included gymnasiums, hot water baths, cold water plunges and relaxation areas in addition to to multipurpose meeting and ceremonial halls, shaded parks, promenades, small theaters and occasionally sports stadiums. All human have always enjoyed bathing as a means of relaxation, social interaction and healing. Putting aside the basic idea that bathing is merely a mechanism for getting clean a tub experience can heal the the mind , body and soul. Water is nature ‘s natural healer bringing calm to the stress if you sit in a beautifully designed  bathtub or you take a quick refreshing shower. We need it all…




Hope Flushmount By Francisco Gomez Paz, Paolo Rizzatto


Hope represents the magic of traditional lamps, but reinterpreted with sophisticated technologies and modern materials. Design by Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto, 2009 By Luceplan. Continue Reading →

Solving the Perils of French Doors

On one side of the coin, French doors bring something completely different to your property. They are a unique feature of the home, charged with the task of “opening rooms up” through natural light, and generally look much more pleasant than your standard PVC door into your back yard.

French doors

Like we said, that’s one side of the coin. On the other, there are a whole host of problems. Security, sound, and too much light – this is to just name a few. These are issues that might not be considered when you sign the check over to the company providing the fittings, but over time you will start to realize that having such a large portion of your property encased in glass might not have been a good idea after all. Continue Reading →

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom is one of the important room in a house. Although bathroom is private and personal, but the interior room also must be considered. Because bathroom is a place frequently visit at home. Continue Reading →

Choosing the Best Sink For Your Bathroom


Bathroom sinks are such an everyday part of life, you probably don’t think about your own very often. Many people find it difficult to even picture their current sink, even though they use it every day. This is normal. Being a bathroom sink is a thankless task, but performing your function without causing a fuss is one of the best things that could be said of them. When choosing your own bathroom sink, there are many considerations to be made. Generally, you’ll be balancing style, price, and utility. Here are some considerations you’ll want to me. Continue Reading →

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