Making a small bedroom feel larger – an easy task!

There are many people that simply do away with the entire notion of making their box room into a bedroom. While there is often a need for a gym, study or even a simple media room in the home, a lot of these facilities often arise from the abandonment of a bedroom because not enough can be done with the space. However, a few simple changes can really get things moving in the right direction – all you need to do is follow a couple of easy tips and you could get space from everything!

Get a storage bed

Storage beds are perfect for any room, though they’re perfectly designed to match the shape and size of a box room. You can get divan beds with side or top hinges to match the shape of the space, while there are a number of other newer beds that are even self-lifting, using hydraulics to make the heavy lifting job as safe as possible.

If it’s a bedroom for a youngster, consider a bunk bed-style offering that builds in a desk or couch underneath – it could be perfect to conserve space. Whatever you do, put the bed along one wall to create more unbroken space.

Mirrors and light colours work perfectly together

Hang one or two large mirrors in the room, as this naturally makes the space feel a lot bigger. A way to truly enhance this is to make the room be brighter with lighter colour schemes, as well as bedding, curtains and other soft furnishings.

Hang things from the ceiling

If you have certain things coming down from the ceiling – a chandelier, lighting strips, faux beams or even plants, you will attract the eyes to look upwards and ultimately increase the amount of space you identify in the room – especially if you have particularly high ceilings.

Shelving your wares

By putting high shelves up, you can be sure to get plenty of things stored safely elsewhere in the home without affecting floor space. This is also a cool bathroom decor idea, you can hang towels on the shelves and store what you don’t use everyday. Like wall art, try to keep the amount you put up to a minimum as this can close walls in that little bit more.


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