Cover your special possessions this Christmas

If you are expecting to receive special design items this Christmas, or if you have them stored in your home until you hand them over as a festive gift, it’s essential that these possessions are covered with a tailored contents insurance policy such as Castle Cover contents insurance in the event of burglary or damage.

As with any significant investment kept in your home, failure to have a suitable insurance policy could mean that you end up being out of pocket unexpectedly down the line. Remember that insufficient contents insurance is as useful as having no insurance at all, so it makes sense to take the time to explain your cover needs with your insurer before choosing your policy. It is also important to review your contents insurance policy on a regular basis – especially if your make new design purchases – to check that you are still properly covered.

Are you looking to invest in some impressive design pieces for your own home? Why not check out our top picks for some inspiration?

Patatras rolling bookshelf

With its curved edges and bold colour, this statement bookshelf from British designer Micheal Bihain brings a touch of fun and life to any living room or bedroom.

Kerr and Ringle quilts

If you want to make a focal point of your bed, fun quilts in bright colours and a modern design are the perfect investment. Husband and wife duo Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle are flying the flag for these at the moment, and are well worth checking out. Just remember to keep the d├ęcor of the room simple to accommodate such the quilt, without making the space look over-the-top.

Oturakast Drawer

This quirky drawer designed by Rianne Koens make a quaint addition to any room and, as a collective, can be manually piled on top of each other to create the level of storage you want. This wooden drawer has foldable legs, meaning you can also use it as a stool should you wish.

Masiero chandelier

The perfect addition to a hallway, living room or dining area, the Masiero chandelier is comprised of white cylinder-shaped lights with beautiful mouth-blown glass droplets – with a hint of aqua blue in them – hanging from them.


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