10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

When the weather becomes cold and harsh, your first priority becomes making your home an environment that feels warm and welcoming.

With the following hints, you can make your home into a sanctuary on cold winter nights:

#1 Fill Your Home with Warm Colors

There are so many simple strategies you can use to add warmth in your home through color. Painting the walls of your living room a gold hue, adding a warm-colored slipcover to a chair or sofa, or adding pillows can succeed in achieving just that.

#2 Highlight Comforting Objects

Lighting works to shove away the dark of the winter. Focusing lighting such as lamps on family photographs or flowers in the home will make your home a welcoming and warm space for you and your family.

#3 Work with Texture

Adding contrasting fabrics to a home increases depth and adds a sense of richness. Select flannel sheets for your bed and you will stay warm and cozy. Choose a open weave blanket for your twill or microsuede sofa. The different weaves and textures will add a warm sense of diversity to your living room.

#4 Bring the Outside To You

Fresh flowers and plants are a great way to make the cold months more bearable. While literally bringing more oxygen into your home, the colors and leaves will remind you of the spring to come. Branches are another wonderful way to bring nature into your home without having to spend large amounts of money.

#5 Make a Comfortable Chair Easily Accessible

Make room in your living room for a large, comfortable chair. Being able to come out of the cold and relax in a warm chair with a throw and a hot cup of cider is the epitome of a good evening. Select a chair that has a high back and is made of soft material. Place a small table and a standing lamp next to the chair and have a throw on hand to cover your legs. A book or two on the table couldn’t hurt either!

#6 Use Area Rugs

Area rugs not only add physical warmth but visual warmth as well, particularly when the rug is full of warm gold tones. When selecting a rug for winter, go brighter. While more muted tones may be safer, they won’t provide the same friendly and welcoming appeal.

#7 Keep Spacing in Mind

Not only are the colors of your furnishings important, but so are the shapes and sizes. Winter makes furniture arrangement even more crucial. When it comes to entertaining for the holidays in particular, you will need to have an open floor plan that allows you to interact with your guests. Move furniture closer together in groups to facilitate intimate conversation.

#8 Fireplaces

If you live in an apartment or condo and consider cozying up by the fire, there’s an ideal solution – an electric fireplace. Simply plug the fireplace into a power outlet and you’re ready to fire it up.


#9 Take Advantage of Scents

Mixed potpourri, with a combination of fruit, leaves, nuts, pine cones etc., is a great way to add a welcoming aroma to your home. Not only this but they are a colorful addition to your living room and/or dining room table.

#10 Get in the Holiday Spirit

You don’t need to be the guy on the end of the street with his yard decked out with reindeer and twinkly lights. But embracing the season, even just a bit, will surely transform your home into a haven from the cold. Some simple gold bulbs or an arrangement of branches will give you that holiday feel without going overboard.



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